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Yoga Instructor

Born and brought up in India, yoga had to come to me one day or the other. And so, my yoga journey began in 2017, while I was struggling to manage acute stress, anxiety and my Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) symptoms. Sooner than I thought, my moments of peace and tranquility at the mat, brought me back to the practice, each day.

I could witness visible mental, spiritual, physical and hormonal changes, and gradually yoga became a part of my lifestyle.

I ended up completing my Yoga Alliance affiliated RYT 200 hour Teachers Training Course, from Sivananda Yoga Center, Gurgaon, India.


I continue to learn from my Gurus in India, going deeper into my practice each day, and aim to spread the knowledge and power of yoga to my students.

In my classes, my emphasis is always on the driving force of life, the breath, the feeling, the experience and the relaxation. My class flows are inspired from the Sivananda yoga, hatha yoga, yin and restorative yoga. I believe in living the yoga life, on and off the mat.

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