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Yoga Instructor

Katharina is a dedicated and passionate certified yoga instructor from Germany, driven by a profound desire to help others achieve a healthier body and mind. Her commitment to self-development and holistic well-being fuels her teaching, which she eagerly shares with her students.

Her journey into yoga is enriched by a diverse background in ballet and jazz dance, where she danced passionately for 20 years, albeit as a hobby. Professionally, she navigated the industrial world as an engineer for a global corporation. Amidst the office hustle, she gained deep insights into the prevalent back issues and escalating stress levels among her colleagues. Always prioritizing her own health and body care, she found that yoga was instrumental in maintaining her calm and separating her from the daily office stress.

As her passion for promoting health and well-being grew, her interest in the industrial sector waned. This led her to make a bold decision to leave Germany, travel abroad, and immerse herself in yoga teacher training in Bali. This transformative experience solidified her commitment to helping others achieve not just a strong and healthy body but also a serene and balanced mind.

Her education mainly focused on Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, reflecting her love for an active and dynamic style of yoga. However, she also delights in slow stretching classes, meditation, and incorporating ballet elements into her sessions for a varied and enriching yoga experience. Her objective is to positively impact the lives of hundreds through the transformative practice of yoga, guiding individuals toward holistic well-being, fostering strength, and aiding them in becoming the best version of themselves.

Empathetic and patient, she is passionate about helping people and welcomes all levels in her classes. Katharina creates an exceptional atmosphere, inspiring individuals on their wellness journey and fostering a sense of community and personal growth. Her teaching combines physical effort with mindful relaxation, creating a welcoming space for anyone seeking overall health and inner calm.

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