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Dry Plants_edited.jpg

Go Green

At Inhale Exhale Yoga, we try our best to be environmentally friendly.  Lets give a helping hand to save the environment together.

Dry Plants_edited.jpg
Dry Plants_edited.jpg


Going green and practicing yoga go hand-in-hand since yoga has a special connection to the Earth (Bhoomi).  

We want to go green so that we can offer our students a clean space that is conscious of the Earth and natural world.  Therefore, we put a focus on creating a space that is not only functional and beautiful, but eco-friendly as well by incorporating nature in our studio.  

Dry Plants_edited.jpg

How We Go Green

  1. We furnish our studio with products made from natural wood and bamboo.

  2. We use plants to clean the air in our studio.

  3. We cool our studio with fresh air by opening our balcony doors whenever possible.

  4. We light our studio with natural sunlight whenever possible.

  5. We clean our studio with homemade disinfectant sprays and reusable towels.

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