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Inhale Exhale Yoga

We are a boutique yoga studio in Hong Kong located less than 5 minutes from the Sai Ying Pun MTR station. Our goal is to provide a safe, supporting and soothing environment that encourages students to focus on balancing their body and mind. Our classes are designed for those who seek more attention from their yoga instructor.

Our Instructors


Founder and Instructor - Yoga and Pilates


Yoga Instructor


Yoga Instructor


Yoga Instructor

Our Classes

Our yoga and pilates studio in Hong Kong provides a diverse range of yoga and pilates classes to students of all levels and experiences.  Our classes include options like Vinyasa Flow for those seeking a dynamic and energizing practice, deep slow flow for deep relaxation and flexibility, and Hatha Yoga for a balanced and grounded experience. With experienced instructors and a welcoming atmosphere, Inhale Exhale Yoga ensures that everyone can find a class that suits their needs.

Yoga Flow for Neck, Shoulder and Upper Body.jpg

Yoga Flow for Neck, Shoulder and Upper Body

Stretch and Stress Relief.jpg

Stretch and Stress Relief

Aroma Relax Flow.jpg

Aroma Relax Flow

Yoga Teacher

Total Body Yoga Flow

Slimming Yoga.jpg

Slimming Yoga

Deep Slow Flow.jpg

Deep Slow Flow

Yoga Pose

Vinyasa Flow

Yoga Mat

Hatha Yoga (Beginner Friendly)

Fitness on Yoga Mat_edited_edited.jpg

Power Flow

Detox Flow.jpg

Detox Flow

Sunrise Yoga.jpg

Standing Pilates - Thighs + Booty + abs

Standing Pilates.jpg

Standing Pilates - Thighs + Booty + abs

Folding a Yoga Mat

Pilates Yoga Workout

Holding Yoga Mat_edited_edited.jpg

Mat Pilates - Standing abs & HIIT

Guided Meditation for Inner Peace.jpg

Guided Meditation for inner peace

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More Classes
Coming Soon

Our Students

"Great instructor and environment. Intimate class with view of a cute balcony. With good background sound, aroma, and chantings. Instructor was helpful and gentle with each individual."
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